25 countries still performed executions in 2015


China is the world’s most prolific executioner. Numbers are a state secret. Experts estimate about 3,000 people are currently executed each year, or around 60 people every week.


Japan continues to be an executing country. It has the most unfortunate reputation of making its prisoners on death row live under extremely harsh rules and conditions.


In the Philippines, the new President Duterte, sworn in on 30 June 2016, has sought to reintroduce the death penalty in his first bill before the House of Representatives.


Singapore was, in the late 1990s, said to be the highest or second highest per capita executing country in the world. Much has changed for the better, yet Singapore continues to execute.


Indonesia, after a promising era of reform following the fall of the Suharto regime in 1998, has gone backwards in the area of executions.